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BH Presentations to Classes

For the first time, Binder Hospital volunteers will also be making organizational presentations to every 6th grade core class within the first two weeks of school.  Some of the topics will include:

*Setting up a strong organizational system/binders

*Proven strategies for tracking homework and assignments

*The importance of using Daily Planners to track and monitor their workload

*Daily strategies to stay organized and in control of their school work

*Creating an ideal workspace at home

Recommended School Supplies

Click HERE for the 6th Grade School Supply List
Click HERE for the Suggested School Supply List




Binder Hospital

Program Description

The Binder Hospital Program is a JM developed program that began in the spring of 2008.  We are a volunteer run program aimed at helping 6th, 7th and 8th graders develop stronger organizational skills.  Our goal is to assist students who have been identified by a teacher/staff as needing extra help with their binder and/or organization. The student works one-on-one with a parent volunteer in a non judgmental and confidential environment.  We provide a safe and supportive opportunity for students to reorganize and get a fresh start. Most students report feeling more organized, more confident and optimistic after visits.

We offer both instruction and school supplies to each student as needed.  If the student’s current system can be modified to allow for the programs critical components, we simply make the necessary changes.  If it’s determined that a new binder would be helpful, we have supplies on hand.

If new binder/supplies are needed, we customize a binder for the student using a proven method for organization.  We then assist the student in moving all important materials into the new binder and send older work home for storage.  We spend time explaining each component of the new system and the importance of developing new organizational habits.  The initial visit is about 25 minutes long and our goal is to have the student leave the appointment understanding all expectations and knowing that they are on their way to success. 

In about 3 weeks after the initial visit, the student will attend a 15 minute follow up visit.  We will review their progress, make adjustments and focus in on any specific challenges the student is still facing.  If further appointments are needed, they are scheduled at that time.

Success of each student depends upon their investment in the process, long term commitment to establishing a new habit and family support.  Appointments are made by teachers based on established criteria.

The Ideal Binder

The ‘IDEAL’ binder

  • 2 inch heavy duty binder with clear plastic covers- Cost will be $10 or over to get good quality
  • Avoid canvas zip up binders
  • Avoid getting small binders for each subject. They should put everything in one binder.
  • 5 plastic tabs each with pockets
  • Fabric Pencil Pocket (to be clipped in binder)
    • Pen
    • Pencils/mechanical pencil with extra lead
    • Extra eraser
    • Hole reinforcers
    • Highlighter
  • 2 sided plastic folder with pockets on the inside (to be clipped in binder).  Label one side ‘to do’ and the other side ‘completed’. 
  • College ruled binder paper in each section
  • Graph paper in Math section
  • Daily Planner will be provided by the school

Getting Started

Click HERE for some suggestions for organizing your binder.

Frequently Asked Questions


1.      How will my son/daughter know if they’ll be visiting the Binder Hospital?
Your student will receive a yellow appointment card from one of their teachers. The teacher will explain the goals of the program and share why they think it will be helpful. The appointment date and time will be listed on the card.
2.      When are Binder Hospital appointments?
Appointments are scheduled during the lunch period. If necessary, an appointment may be scheduled during a non academic class time on an exception basis.
3.      How do students feel about participating in the Binder Hospital Program?
The Binder Hospital has earned a reputation as a helpful student intervention. While we are serious about our goals, we are non punitive and strive to be encouraging and supportive while educating students on organizational methods. Most students feel fine about coming to the Hospital. Many share that they are relieved to be receiving the extra support. We have many students ask their teachers to sign them up for appointments.
4.      How can I sign my child up for a Binder Hospital appointment?
If you feel your son/daughter needs organizational support please review our information sheets listed here on the website. You may simply need to review the pages with your child to help set them on the right course. Before requesting a Binder Hospital visit, try guiding your child through the steps first. Weekly parent/child sessions can be very helpful. Perhaps that's all they need. 
If you think your child needs further assistance, you’ll need to speak to one of your child’s teachers. Appointments to the Binder Hospital can only be made by a teacher or JM staff members. You and the teacher can discuss whether your child would benefit from the program. If your child meets the criteria, the teacher will make an appointment.
5.      How is the program funded?
The Binder Hospital is staffed by a wonderful group of parent volunteers. We rely on the families of our ‘patients’ to voluntarily donate back to the program so we can continue to provide all necessary supplies to our students.
We are excited that teachers, parents and students report that the Binder Hospital has had a significant impact on most students’ success at school. We are hopeful that we will be able to continue to offer this unique service. As our school’s budget continues to be reduced, programs like the Binder Hospital are in jeopardy. In order to insure other students receive the benefit of this program, we request that parents of all patients consider an optional donation to the Hospital. By donating the cost of the supplies provided during the average Binder Hospital visit, $24.00,  allow us to continue this valuable intervention program. All donations are tax deductable.
6.      Who can I talk to about the program?
Our school Counselor, Heidi Felt acts as our school liaison. You can reach her at 377-4220 or by email at Heidi Felt