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Library and Textbook Services

Falcone, Alberta
Textbook Coordinator
Walton, Linda
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Anderson, Kristin (925) 377-4239 Teacher
Anderson, Robin (925) 377-4240 Teacher
Audette, Rosy (925) 377-4237 Teacher
Bailes, Ms. (925) 377-4248 Science Teacher
Barber, Lisa Teacher
Blalock, Mr. (925) 377-4250 Teacher
Cary, Ms. (925) 377-4225 Teacher
Contreras, Irene (925) 377-4246 Teacher
Cortright, Kristin (925) 377-4238 Teacher
Datta, Mrs. (925) 377-8104 Teacher
Dong, Tony (925) 377-4236 Teacher
Fischer, Mrs. (925) 377-4252 Teacher
Gruen, Lisa (925) 377-4224 Teacher
Gruen, Mr. Teacher
Guttmann, Elaine (925) 377-4238 ex.4238 Core Teacher
Hoppock, Mrs. (925) 377-4230 Teacher
Kamian, Mr. (925) 377-4228 Math Teacher
Lezak, Dawn (925) 377-4241 CORE teacher
Lichti, Ms. (925) 377-4245 Teacher
Lockett, Ms. (925) 377-4249 Science Teacher
Lorie, Mr. (925) 377-4233 Teacher
McTaggart, Ms. (925) 377-4253 Teacher
Nicolini, Mr. (925) 377-4243 Teacher
Noel, Adam (925) 376-0937 Teacher
O'Neill, Pat (925) 377-4225 Teacher
Read, Mr. (925) 377-4247 ex.4247 Teacher
Reyes, Tricia (925) 377-4244 Teacher
Robinson, Mrs. (925) 377-4235 Teacher
Schindler, Mr. (925) 377-4236 Teacher
Shimer, Mary Ann (925) 377-4226 Teacher
Standring, Mrs. (925) 377-4251 Science Teacher
Steelman, Ms. (925) 377-4234 Teacher
Tsubota, John Teacher
Uscilka, Mary (925) 377-4168 Teacher
Warmboe, Ms. (925) 377-4227 Teacher
Wayne, Mr. (925) 377-4230 Teacher
Wesler, Ms. Moose (925) 377-4254 Teacher


Carn, Brad (925) 377-4217 Assistant Principal
Danilson, Joan (925) 376-7206 Principal

Counseling Department

Felt, Ms. (925) 377-4220 Counselor
Ferris, Nicole Intern
Herbert, Annette (925) 377-4223 Student Support
Lee, Alyssa (925) 377-4219 Psychologist


Holbrook, Marcia (925) 376-7206 Secretary
Watts, Carole (925) 376-7206 Secretary

Support Staff

DeLaughter, Bonnie Staff
Hurd, Suzanne Staff
Lewis, Laura Staff
Moore, Cheryl Staff
Oakes, Erin Staff
Rosso, Margaret Staff
Scott, Bobbi Staff
Spitz, Susan Staff
Zack, Kate Staff