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Mr. Lorie

Holiday Food Drive for Monument Crisis Center


Food Box Item Student Name Student Name
$20 food gift cards in a separate envelope (Safeway, Grocery Outlet)    
1-cereal box (12-16 oz.)   X
3-pasta items (one pound each)    
1-peanut butter (12-16 oz., plastic container only)   X
2-baking items (cake mix, corn bread mix, muffin mix, etc.) X X
2-boxes mac and cheese (7-10 oz.) X X
2- cans beef ravioli or chili (14-16oz.)    
3-cans tomato (sauce, diced, whole, etc.) (14-16 oz.) X X
3-cans vegetables (14-16oz.)    
2-cans tuna (5 oz.) X X
1-can beans (14-16 oz.)   X
2-cans soups (8-16 oz.) X X
2-cans applesauce (14-16 oz. plastic jar)    
1-box instant mashed potatoes   X
1-bag/box stuffing mix   X
1-can cranberry sauce (10-16oz can)   X
1-gravy mix packet   X
1-vegetable oil (8-16 oz.)   X
1-box of hot cocoa packets   X
Please include a seasonally themed greeting card - from your family to theirs!