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Creative Arts and Writing Contest

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44th Annual 

Creative Arts and Writing Contest

2021 Creative Arts & Writing Results are In!! 

Thank You to all the students who participated this year and CONGRATS to all the WINNERS!! 

Awards can be picked up on Thursday, April 29th after school (12:20 and 1:45) in the Pavilion across from the gym. 

       Creative Arts & Writing 2021 Winner List

       CAW Virtual Art Show 2021



Students may submit up to 4 art pieces to the Creative Arts  & Writing Contest 

 Click Here for the CONTEST RULES & AWARDS 

Click Here for the CAW Entry Form

 *If you are having trouble entering your submission with the CAW Entry Form link, please print out  CAW Entry Form, fill it out, and take a photo of it. Email a picture of the CAW Entry Form along with a photo/digital copy of your art piece/s to Dani Malekafzali


The JM Creative Arts and Writing Contest provides students with an opportunity to display and share their creative efforts. It also offers the school and the community a way to promote art, music, and creative writing education and appreciation, while recognizing and rewarding students for their efforts and high-quality creative work. The contest, which occurs in the spring, is open to all Joaquin Moraga students and is sponsored by the JM PTA.