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Creative Arts and Writing Contest

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44th Annual 

Creative Arts and Writing Contest

Submissions are due MARCH 5TH

Students may submit up to 4 art pieces to the Creative Arts  & Writing Contest 


Click Here for the CONTEST RULES & AWARDS 

Click Here for the CAW Entry Form


*If you are having trouble entering your submission with the CAW Entry Form link, please print out  CAW Entry Form, fill it out, and take a photo of it. Email a picture of the CAW Entry Form along with a photo/digital copy of your art piece/s to Dani Malekafzali



The JM Creative Arts and Writing Contest provides students with an opportunity to display and share their creative efforts. It also offers the school and the community a way to promote art, music, and creative writing education and appreciation, while recognizing and rewarding students for their efforts and high-quality creative work. The contest, which occurs in the spring, is open to all Joaquin Moraga students and is sponsored by the JM PTA.