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We'd Love to hear from you

While you may always e-mail us, we’d much rather speak to you directly. Please feel free to contact us at (925) 376-7206 or see the Staff Directory for other staff phone numbers. It is our hope this personal contact will provide better service to your questions and requests for information.


Additional staff contacts and phone numbers will be added in the coming weeks.

Contact Mrs. Danilson  Mrs. Danilson (925) 376-7206 Principal
Contact David Lanuza  David Lanuza (925) 377-4217 Assistant Principal
Library and Textbook Services
Contact Alberta Falcone  Alberta Falcone (925) 377-4255 Textbook Coordinator

Contact Us

Contact Dr. Anderson  Dr. Anderson Core Teacher
Contact Ms. K. Anderson  Ms. K. Anderson (925) 377-4239 Teacher
Contact Mr. Benton  Mr. Benton Teacher
Contact Mr. Blalock  Mr. Blalock (925) 377-4250 Teacher
Contact Catherine Cespedes  Catherine Cespedes (925) 377-2092 Teacher
Contact Ms. Contreras  Ms. Contreras (925) 377-4246 Teacher
Contact Ms. Cortright  Ms. Cortright (925) 377-4238 Core Teacher
Contact Ms. Detter  Ms. Detter (925) 289-8035 Teacher
Contact Ms. Gavello  Ms. Gavello (925) 377-4247 Teacher
Contact Mr. Gilbert  Mr. Gilbert (925) 377-2092 6th grade Learning Center Teacher
Contact Mr. Gruen  Mr. Gruen (925) 376-8743 Teacher
Contact Mrs. Gruen  Mrs. Gruen (925) 377-4241 Core Teacher
Contact Genevieve Huttman  Genevieve Huttman Teacher
Contact Mr. Kamian  Mr. Kamian (925) 377-4228 Math Teacher
Contact Mrs. Lezak  Mrs. Lezak (925) 377-4241 Core Teacher
Contact Ms. Lichti  Ms. Lichti (925) 377-4245 Teacher
Contact Ms. Lockett  Ms. Lockett (925) 377-4252 Science Teacher
Contact Mr. Lorie  Mr. Lorie (925) 377-4233 Teacher
Contact Mrs. Marin  Mrs. Marin Teacher
Contact Mrs. McDevitt  Mrs. McDevitt (925) 377-4226 History Teacher
Contact Stacey Navarro  Stacey Navarro (925) 376-8743 Teacher
Contact Leann Nixdorff  Leann Nixdorff (925) 377-4239 Teacher
Contact Mrs. Shimer  Mrs. Shimer (925) 377-4236 Math Teacher
Contact Mrs. Standring  Mrs. Standring (925) 377-4248 Science Teacher
Contact Ms. Steelman  Ms. Steelman (925) 377-4234 Teacher
Contact Robert Todd  Robert Todd Teacher
Contact Ms. Tondi  Ms. Tondi (925) 377-4249 Science Teacher
Contact Mr. Tsubota  Mr. Tsubota (925) 376-8743 Teacher
Contact Virginia Vu  Virginia Vu (925) 377-4225 Teacher
Contact Hongmei Wang  Hongmei Wang Teacher
Contact Ms. Warmboe  Ms. Warmboe History Teacher
Contact Mr. Wayne  Mr. Wayne (925) 377-4230 Teacher
Contact Ms. Moose Wesler  Ms. Moose Wesler (925) 377-4254 Teacher
Contact Ms. Wire  Ms. Wire Teacher
Contact Scott Wysocki  Scott Wysocki (925) 377-4237 Teacher
Counseling Department
Contact Gabriela Alvarez  Gabriela Alvarez (925) 377-2091 Staff
Contact Olivia Flint  Olivia Flint (925) 255-5476 School Psychologist
Contact Annette Herbert  Annette Herbert (925) 377-4223 Student Support
Office Staff
Contact Rosso Margaret  Rosso Margaret (925) 376-7206 School Secretary
Contact Alisa Oliver  Alisa Oliver (925) 376-7206 School Secretary
Support Staff
Contact Sheryl Ahrens  Sheryl Ahrens Staff
Contact Katy Keough  Katy Keough Staff
Contact Noriko O'Neal  Noriko O'Neal Staff
Contact Susanna Siu  Susanna Siu Staff