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Student Dress Policy

Use common sense and do not wear clothing that is distracting, offensive, dangerous, or exposes too much skin. School is a place of learning and students should wear clothing that is suitable for the pursuit of learning. The staff is interested in the cleanliness and health of each student and request that parents support our interest.  A child’s appearance is a part of their self esteem and peer acceptance, and is, therefore, part of their total educational and social development. Specific dress policy and violations are detailed in our new student dress policy.

Student Dress Policy NEW
August 1, 2019


eighth grade graduation dress code

Eighth Grade Graduation Dress includes, in addition to the regular school day dress code:

  • Dresses of a youthful nature, no longer than tea length (mid-calf), no shorter than five inches above the knee; no backless, strapless or halter dresses or dresses with spaghetti straps; dress shoes with less than 3 inch heels.

  • Slacks, no jeans; collared shirt and tie; sweater or jacket optional; no athletic shoes or sandals.  Tuxedos are inappropriate and discouraged.