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On-Line Student Grades

School Loop

JMIS uses School Loop for online grade reports and school-to-home communication. If you are new to JM this year, registration directions are listed below.

New Parents: School Loop Login

You can check your child’s schedule, homework assignments,  grades, e-mail teachers etc.  Everything you need to know is on School Loop.  Sign up today at the JM website.

  1. Go to the JM web site
  2. Click the "Login" button on the bottom of the Homepage, just below the Moraga School District symbol.
  3. Click "Register Now" and then "Parent Registration"
  4. Follow the easy on-screen directions.  These directions require you to input your child’s 4 digit identification number along with information about yourself and your child.  Any of your child's teachers can provide this number to your child the first week of school.  This number is also located on the top left of the class schedule students received last week. 
  5. Students are also encouraged to follow the same process, however, they are to click "Student Registration" after clicking "Register Now."

Unregistered parents will not be notified that their child’s grades are available on-line.  Please keep in mind notification will come throughout the semester and will vary from teacher to teacher.