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10/18 Message from Principal Danilson
Posted 10/18/20

Hello Jaguar Families,

We are one week into the second quarter, and I’ve received many comments that teachers and students are happy with the changes to the bell schedule.  While no schedule is perfect, the revised schedule allows students and teachers more time with each other, and more opportunities for students to get help.  We always appreciate your feedback.

The elementary schools will be opening in a hybrid schedule starting November 16 for TK-2nd grade students.  Joaquin Moraga will open after winter break.  Since the start of the 20/21 school year you have received communications about what we have been doing to prepare for a safe reopening. This information can be found on the Distance Learning 2.0 Parent Handbook website. In the coming weeks parents will receive an intent to return form/survey. We are also finalizing our hybrid schedules and will be sharing them with families by the end of October.  

While JM will not open until after winter break, we are looking for opportunities for small groups of students to come to campus to safely meet with teachers and engage in some fun activities.  The Moraga School District Governing Board will be receiving an update on all of this important work during a special board meeting this Thursday, October 22. 

Preparing Your Child for In-Person Instruction:
The four most important safety measures staff and students will take during in-person instruction will be: don’t come to school sick, wear a mask. remain physically distanced, wash hands frequently. Having your child practice proper hand washing and mask wearing over the next few weeks will help support our safe reopening. 

We also highly recommend all staff and students get a flu shot. I just got mine free at CVS today. You can make an appointment and they are free through most insurance (CVS is currently accepting Kaiser coverage for the free flu shot). 

School Site Council Postponed to 2021-22:  
During this time of preparation for in-person instruction, Moraga School District will be postponing our school site councils until 2021. We were recently notified by the county that we would not be submitting school site plans this school year. Thank you for volunteering. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Math Packets for Students in the off Quarter:  
Please know that math teachers are aware of the time gap between quarters and will work with students accordingly.  This file is intended for students who do not have math this quarter.  Please visit the MATH WEBPAGE  to access weekly handouts. There will be two files for each class; one reviewing material from last year and one previewing material for the upcoming quarter. These files will be updated each weekend. If you are looking for practice sheets beyond these, we encourage you to visit either or

Clubs and Enrichment Activities:
There are many great opportunities for students to connect with peers by participating in clubs and other enrichment activities with their friends. See Revised Enrichment Activity Information for quarter 2.

Joan Danilson, principal