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Science 6 (full year class)

Sixth grade science science focuses on patterns, structure and function, systems and systems models. Students will learn about energy transfer, weather and climate, and cells and organisms. The NGSS science framework summarizes the 6th grade integrated class as focusing on  “systems within organisms and between them are adapted to Earth’s climate systems.”

Science 7 (full year class)

The seventh grade science curriculum focuses on the themes of energy and matter, flows and cycles, conservation, and cause and effect. Students will learn about the structure and property of matter, natural resources, and ecosystems. Health education is also a component of the 7th grade curriculum during the 4th quarter. The NGSS science framework summarizes the 7th grade integrated class focusing on “natural processes and human activities cause energy to flow and matter to cycle through Earth’s systems.”

Science 8 (full year class)

The eighth grade science curriculum focuses on the themes of stability and change, scale, proportion and quantity. Students will learn about waves and electromagnetic radiation, energy, forces and interactions, history or the Earth, space systems, and natural selection. Techniques for doing research and for measuring, analyzing, and presenting data will continue to be emphasized. The NGSS framework summarizes the 8th grade integrated class as focusing on “the processes that change Earth’s systems at different spatial scales today also caused changes in the past.” 

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  Mr. Blalock (925) 377-4250 Science Teacher
  Mrs. Lezak (925) 377-4241 Science Teacher
  Mrs. Standring (925) 377-4248 Science Teacher
  Ms. Tondi (925) 377-4249 Science Teacher