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Lockers are a privilege for all students.  JM reserves the right to open and inspect lockers at any time. 
What students should know about using lockers:
  • Write down your combination and leave a copy of the combination at home
  • If using a key lock, keep a spare at home
  • Do not give your combination to friends  - even your best friends!
  • The locker assigned to you is the only locker that you may use.
  • Use a quality lock as inexpensive locks can easily be opened without knowing the combination
  • A clean and organized locker saves time and reduces the chance of losing assignments
  • Always double check to make sure you have correctly locked your lock - combination locks should be spun at least three times 
  • While your locker may be locked, it does not necessarily mean your personal items are 100% secure!  While you may choose to bring personal items from home, such as money, phones and electronic music players (MP3's, iPod's, etc.) JM and MSD will not be responsible for lost or missing items and will not typically assist in the return of missing/lost items.  The safest thing to do is not bring valuable items to school!