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Mission, Vision & Values

Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School’s mission is to prepare students for the future, to develop a life-long love of learning, to provide a positive and safe environment for learning, to provide positive development of self and to provide opportunities for students to be constructive and contributing members of the community and society.
Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School staff embraces our vision that each individual student will meet the future with the ability to:
  • Find the joy and value in learning
  • Think critically and creatively
  • Be responsible and take initiative
  • Succeed in an ever-changing world
  • Communicate and work well with others
  • Lead healthy lives through self-awareness
  • Become ethical and caring citizens of a diverse world
  • Honesty and respect
  • Clear, open, appropriate and timely communication and collaboration among students, staff members, parents and the community
  • Providing effective and efficient school wide services
  • Providing a well prepared and challenging curriculum to meet the needs of all students while supporting the whole child
  • Communicating, adhering to, and consistently implementing high academic, behavioral and social expectations
  • A safe, eco-friendly and well maintained school environment that promotes independence, caring, creativity and school pride
  • The effective and efficient use of classroom time
  • Leadership that is widely dispersed to empower stakeholders in their commitment to the school mission, vision and goals