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After School Sports Info

2020-21 School Year - All Students

We are offering in person Cross Country starting 10/5. Please go to the Cross Country page for more info.

All students participating in After School Sports will be required to have all forms turned in to participate in any sport.

Please go to the sport pages to print out required form 

sports director         


Contact JM Athletic Directors

  • Hillary Johnston

  • Judy McNeil

Contact us at:



sports information

 Sports Participation Donation

A new online payment system has been opened up for After School sports.

Please go HERE to pay for all sports

  • $195-$215 on an interscholastic team. Golf is $370

  • $115 intramural

What are interscholastic sports? Players play 3-4 days a week and travel to other schools. Tryouts are sometimes required, depending on the number of participants.

What are intramurals? Players play 2 days a week and they play against each other. No particular skill level is required to participate.

sports background

Background Information: After school sports was created to give all JM students the chance to participate in sports.  The total enrollment for JM in 2018-19 was 655 (338 Boys & 317 Girls). We had 191 boys and 110 girls participate in our sports programs. The MSD ensures equal access to after school sports and extra curricular activities for all students. The program is supported by Moraga School District. They provide all of the equipment. 




Football-1 team


Volleyball-5 teams

1-Intramural, 2- A Teams & 2- B Teams

Cross Country-All Levels

Wrestling Intramural

Basketball -5 teams-  3 A teams & 2 B teams

Basketball -no teams this year

Soccer-2 teams- JV & Varsity

Volleyball-1 team- Varsity 

Softball-no teams this year. 

Badminton -1 Intramural team

Golf- JV & Varsity Team

Ultimate Frisbee-1 JV & 1 varsity team



Track & Field-All Levels

Spring Volleyball -no teams this year